The manufacturing of bio-based plastics began in the 80s, mainly due to a shift towards ecological awareness during that time. Processes for the production of bio-based polyethylene (bio-PE) and other plastics continue to be developed and established to this day.

This page lists manufacturers of packaging made of the various materials and their product range. This list will be continuously updated.


Grab-BoxTM (food-to-go-box), tubular bags, cellophane films, airtight packaging

FKuR Kunststoff GmbH und Braskem

I´m greenTM PE series: Sugar cane, cosmetic packaging, liquids in bottles, fish tubs, packaging with oily products, milk packaging. The “McCain” brand uses 50 percent sugar cane-based bio-PE for frozen French fries.


Bio-PE & cellophane tubular bags for cereals

D.J. Hoogstraten

Stretch film consisting of at least 50% bio-based PE

Biotec GmbH & Co. KG

Bioplast range (mixture with PLA/PHA/PBAT/starch, approx. 69% bio-based content) such as cups (also with hot contents), carrier bags, bin bags, pouches, cosmetics packaging, coffee capsules

KINGFA Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

Carrier bags, bin bags, mulch films, cutlery

Novamont S.p.A.

Maize starch from Cargill to “Mater Bi®”: Bin bags, shopping bags, disposable tableware, compostable, 50–80% bio-based content


Cartons, containers (e.g. for creams), non-degradable, approx. 50% bio-based content (potato and maize starch)


Thermoplastic starches for extrusion, film bubbles, injection moulding and 3D printing; bioplastic compounds, with up to 50% bio-based content, suitable for home composting


Ecovio® and ecoflex® range, e.g. organic bin bags, shopping bags, agricultural films, paper coating, coffee capsules, foam packaging, injection-moulded products


Luminy® range: Octabins, coffee cups, coffee capsules, plates, trays

NatureWorks/ BioPak Pty Ltd

Cups, bowls, containers, cutlery, plates, plastic bags


PLA blends for paper rolls, napkins and dust jackets


Agricultural films, hygiene films, trays, carrier bags, waste bags, nets

Green Sugar and Platoon Solutions GmbH (converters)

Cups, fresh fish, biscuits

Resinex (distributes Ingeo™ material in Europe)

Cups, bowls, containers, cutlery, plates, plastic bags

COFCO Biomaterials

Alesco Folien GmbH & KG

Suitable for high puncture resistance, e.g. for frozen French fries, compostable, FFS – Form, Fill & Seal film packaging possible.

Inzea Biopolymeres

40% bio-based, large bags up to 25 kg, octabins (octagonal container)

Futamura Chemical Co.Ltd.

Labels and cellulose film for dried food, confectionery, beverages, biscuits and bakery products, fresh products and takeaway food.


Cellulose diacetate films

Daicel Polymer Ltd.

Cellulose acetates and hydroxyethyl cellulose for use in the food industry as adhesives

FKuR Kunststoff GmbH

Plastic compounds based on cellulose derivatives

Verpackungszentrum GmbH

Fruit and vegetable nets


Films (brand “Wentus”) based on cellulose