Environmental pollution caused by oil production

Have you ever thought about where the fossil raw material for your fossil-based plastic packaging comes from and what environmental risks its production entails?

To date, the authors are not aware of any publicly available life cycle assessments with regard to the different locations and extraction methods of worldwide oil and gas production. However, it can be assumed that further increasing production will be accompanied by ever greater environmental pollution. For example, crude oil enters the oceans through drilling rigs even during regular operations, not to mention accidents such as that of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform in 2010. Worldwide, it is assumed that three million tonnes of crude and mineral oil are released into the oceans every year. In addition, large areas of land are polluted with crude oil due to pipeline breakages, fracking or extraction from oil sands, and are no longer viable for agricultural use in the long term.

Here are eight examples of hotspots of environmental impacts caused by oil production. Unless otherwise indicated, the texts were taken from the following source: Öl. [Oil] Report 2016, Greenpeace e.V., Hamburg.

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