Are you looking to use ecological packaging material made from renewable resources, and are searching for information and guidance on the packaging available on the market? Via this online tool, we provide you with decision-making aids to evaluate and compare bio-based packaging.

This online tool was developed as part of the project “Options for action for the use of sustainable bio-based plastics as packaging for food. Assistance with decision-making via an internet portal” funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). It was extensively revised in a subsequent project funded by the BMEL, “Updating of and necessary further development of the bioplastics tool for packaging materials of significance on the market in order to increase the spread and acceptance of the use of sustainable bio-based plastics as packaging materials for foodstuffs” – (BioVP2). Packaging and food manufacturers as well as experts from the scientific community were involved.

The four criteria of ecology, social aspects, safety & technology and quality are evaluated via sub-criteria such as land use, life cycle assessments, social standards and migration. The assessment is carried out on two levels with regard to the quantity (number) and quality (informative value) of the available information sources.

This online tool allows you to inform yourself about the desired packaging material based on the four criteria and corresponding sub-criteria, including the sources of the information, and to compare all packaging materials in terms of their assessment. Our aim is to support your decision-making process.

The main focus of this online tool is the ecological consideration of the packaging material, as material-specific data is available via M-Base or from the manufacturers. The strengths and weaknesses of a packaging material as well as existing fields of application are indicated via corresponding notes.

We wish you every success with the use of the online tool.

Brunhard Kehl
Assoziation ökologischer Lebensmittelhersteller e.V.